Thursday, February 10, 2011

End of Year Exhibition, GMIT, Galway

End of Year Exhibition, June 2010
(I know what you're thinking, very late posting Keelin, tut tut tut!)

Seen as I'm finally getting the hang of this, I've decided to (finally) post up some pictures from my end of year show in GMIT, Galway in June 2010.

Big thanks to all who attended, and if you didn't get a chance, here's a taste of what you missed...

The Tale of Goldilocks
(Minus the Porridge)

Piece 1: "A dark & handsome man cast his shadow over the world"
Piece 2: "The Kiss: Goldie fell deeper and deeper in love"

Piece 3: "Maybe you should lay off the porridge"
Piece 4: "These dubious claims began to circulate within her thoughts"
Piece 5: "And so she refused to eat"

Piece 6: "Then came that fateful morning when Goldie never woke up"

Breakfast table set with the three bears and Goldie's dress, which has motifs along the bottom narrating the tale.

Birds eye view of the breakfast table.
Each napkin has digitally printed imagery from my research & sketchbooks, then I added colour and detail to them through hand embroidery; a "domesticated handicraft."
Bringing the traditional women's "handicraft" back into a domestic environment.

Another view of the breakfast table and the rest of the room.
In the background you can see my calories hanging out to dry (!) and my dress and apron, which are both digitally printed with my porridge bowl designs.

A close up of my apron and dress;
both digitally printed with my porridge bowl designs.
Simply called, "Porridge Bowl" & "Pop Porridge"

Here you can see my notebook covers on the shelf.
Again I got these digitally printed with my designs.
Beside them are my business cards and postcards.
Opposite you can see jars of "calories"
And framed in the centre are copies of images from my sketch book, hanging from this is my "Porridge Bowl" print, in different colour ways & sizes
(Small - Baby bear, Medium - Momma Bear, Large - Poppa Bear)

Close up of framed copies of sketches from my research

To emphasize that it was a 'weighty' issue, I had an old style scales brought in for the show.
On one side I had a bad of porridge, and on the other a dress-maker's measuring tape.
The porridge symbolising food = weight, and the measuring tape symbolising body shape / size.

My work, along with some of my classmate's, was mentioned in this lovely blog by Pippablue, who "loves all things crafty."
The post can be viewed here

Now that I've finally got my online act in gear, keep tuned for lots of more posts, exhibition images and my current artistic projects / ideas :)

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  1. ive been waiting for this post.... forever! love it!

  2. Apologies Nina :S only getting the hang of this blogging stuff now! Today's my day off, so am currently working on couple more posts, so watch this space! :)