Thursday, January 20, 2011

Work Experience @ Liquorish

Work Experience:

I did a week's work experience with London-based label, "Liquorish."

Liquorish is a hot new brand which can be purchased online @ and also in many boutiques throughout England & Ireland.
One of these being Topshop on Oxford
Street, London.
They also have a really cool and quirky blog, which you can find here -
You might recognise them from "The Apprentice" with Alan Sugar, as they were one of the popular fashion brands that the teams were fighting over.
Missed that episode? Click here for a recap:

Pictured: Liquorish's concession stand in Topshop, Oxford Street, London

First off, I met some really cool people;
Karl, who is a multi-talented, creative hearted individual, and uber inspiring! His blog can be viewed here -
(Might I add, it's much cooler than mine... apparently mine is the "nerd" of blogs!)
And the ever so lovely Maria, who did her degree in Textile Design & Fashion and had an amazing collection for her graduate show, which can be viewed here -

One of my favourite pieces was...
Love the shirt, tights and check out those shoes! (Which she customised herself!)
Nom, nom, nom :)

Karl & Maria are definitely ones to watch, so check them out! And remember, you heard it here first ;)

I also got to visit ASOS headquarters and I helped out with delivering clothes to Topshop for Liquorish's concession stand.

I also tried to help with the organization / coordination of the stand, but to be honest I don't
think I was very good at the visual merchandising - (I'll leave that to Karl!)
Another little project I got to do was updating the prices on their site as they were having a big sale (which should be checked out as there are plenty o' bargains to be found!)

I do love the business / organization side of things, (after all, organization is key!) but to be honest my heart still lies in design and other creative outlets.
I sat down one or two mornings to design dresses or tops, but all that was running through my mind was "I wonder what pattern fabric this will be."

Finding myself more obsessed with the design of the
pattern and fabric, I was delighted when asked to design a bow motif for one of their dresses.

It was going to be a sequinned bow, so I had to fill in the
detail of where the stitching and sequins would be and also where the beading would go.

Fast forward a couple hours drawing and......

... VOILA!

This design was then sent off to be sampled on one of their dresses for Topshop.
So, maybe one day, one of my creations will be hanging in Topshop... maybe!

So, my overall verdict?
Quite the experience indeed!

Have been offered the opportunity to work here full time and will be starting after my exhibition in the Knit & Stitch Show, RDS, Dublin.
Wish me luck!

Keelin Corscadden Exhibits @ The Cloth Shop, Limerick

First off, apologies for the severe lack of blogging, I am still trying to get my head around it!
My new years resolution is to get my butt in gear with this all this blogging malark; completely revamp my page while updating it on a regular basis.
I'm going to keep whoever is interested up to speed with my creative adventures!
So check back regularly for new posts :)

A lovely lady named Deirdre got in contact with me shortly after my Graduate Show.
She is just after opening a fabric shop in Limerick City Centre, named "The Cloth Shop" and told me she was interested in stocking my fabric!

*How exciting!*

Delighted I agreed and we decided to exhibit my work along with my fabrics in the shop for their official store opening, which looked a little like this...