Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Designers 2010 - London baby!

They say that "home is where the heart is."
If that's the case, then my home is London!
I went over for 10 days to exhibit my work along with some classmates, and it made me remember why I had fallen in love with London in the first place!
Have you ever visited somewhere and just felt so at home?
Have you ever felt like, this is where I belong?
That's how I felt whilst trekking around on the tube, strolling around Camden and eating ice cream with friends underneath the London Eye.

New Designers was interesting, it was a real eye opener!
It made me realize exactly how small Galway/Ireland is, and I was blown away with all of the talent! It was definitely an experience, and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to exhibit there.
New Designers gave me so much inspiration and being back in London gave me such a buzz; I felt like the whole experience completely rebooted my system!

In regards to my work and my ideas, I've always felt so restricted in Galway. Now after finishing college, the success of my Graduate show and the experience of New Designers, I feel like I no longer have to take shallow breaths - finally, I'm free to breathe as deeply as I wish!
After the last two/three weeks turn of events, I am really free of all ties and there is nothing holding me back anymore.

It's so refreshing!

The week following New Designers, I received an email off of an Art Gallery owner from York. She said some lovely things about my work, that it was "outstanding, eyecatching and beautiful" and she is interested in exhibiting and selling my work for me. How exciting!

What a perfect start to my first summer as a BA Hons Textiles graduate.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

GMIT Graduate Exhibiton 2010

Good Morning Starshine, the earth says hello!

OK, so the exhibition is coming to a close, it's finishing up on Saturday.

It's been a great week so far, I have received some really lovely comments in my comment book and have also been mentioned in PippaBlue's blog :)
So chuffed!

xxx Keelin xxx

PS: I'm new to the whole blog scene so apologies for delays in putting up my first post :S
Will upload pictures of exhibition soon :)